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Smart iot control platform

Building intelligence community with acme innovation attitude,For content The network is put forward“A tube of a control”Closely with the solution

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XueYing iot control platform to build
Intelligence community,Unlimited worry-free life!

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  • Introduction to the enterprise

    Wuhu XueYing industrial co., LTD

    Wuhu XueYing industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of intelligent self-service equipment research and development、Production、Sales、On the operation for the integration of the Internet of things science and technology enterprises,The company address new historical electricity industrial park is located in wuhu in anhui province。Its main business products are smart iot control platform、Electric vehicle charging stations、The electric car charging stations、Self-help washing machines for the convenience of intelligent self-service equipment。

    And intelligent self-service equipment industry is one of the development of the manufacturing industry in our country,Is the important part of manufacturing,The prospects are in the industry、Economists unanimously favored……

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  • Qualification is introduced

    The patent certificate

    Wuhu XueYing industrial co., LTD strictly according to modern enterprise system management,To implementISO9001:2015Quality management system。 At present has issued by the ministry of science and technology department of anhui province 《High and new technology enterprise certificate》、《Certificate of national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises (smes)》、《Certificate of high-tech products》 ,Have a number of issued by the national copyright administration 《Computer software copyright registration certificate》, And the People's Republic of China issued by the state intellectual property office of the many《The utility model patent certificate》And more《Appearance design patent certificate》,And won“The star of the home business”The title。

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Wuhu XueYing industrial co., LTD

Unified national service hotline:400-0553-878
League Department People:Du manager
Contact phone number:0553-3901678 Service hotline:400-0553-878According to the3
The factory address:Anhui wuhu economic development zone of new historical new historical electricity industrial park standard factory building48Building
Office address:Wuhu dove jiang district national advertising industrial parkBArea902Room