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       Puyang city suntory LiangMao co., LTD,It is with many scientific research、Institutions as well as the national standard of flour production enterprise cooperation“Research、Production、Pin”The integration of agricultural science and technology trading company。The company is located in the central plains economic zone planning and construction of huang-huai-hai plain core area of grain production,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Mainly in agricultural products(Wheat、Corn、Soybean、Rice, etc)Buying and selling、Grain and oil trade、Flour、Bran and other agricultural products sales for the company's main business,Relying on the scientific research institutes、Colleges and universities as the cooperative research unit,In puyang city suntory LiangMao pioneer co., LTD., for the sale,Good faith grain supply center for physical stores,Zelin farmers professional cooperatives belong farm supplies stocks“Research、Production、Pin”Integrated development model,Through the efforts of all staff development,Set up agriculture science and technology in henan puyang, The contracted land circulation in total3080m,One of them572Acres of land as a research field,Managed the land1180m,Order agriculture1160m,Membership in operation168m。Set up in henan zhengzhou suntory LiangMao mall maintenance center,The company's business has been out of henan,Connect the central plains economic zone and the northeast stocks area and southern areas, such as the Yangtze river economic belt,In various provinces and cities also perfected the sales organization structure and product marketing channel。

    The party branch set up in the company,And development (ak) party and the national science and technology policy,In order to promote agricultural scientific research projects to a higher level,To meet the needs of market development,Opened in puyang suntory LiangMao companies public,To facilitate the enterprise internal management and puyang agricultural science and technologyResearch、Production、PinThe integration of the Internet platform project。With the help of modern Internet network technology,The company set up suntory LiangMao mall(,Open the online、Offline double sales model。Relying on the scientific research institutes、Colleges and universities as the cooperative research unit,With the support of the employment of university graduates in the ministry of education association,Set up suntory LiangMao company training base,To farmers cooperatives and the family farms and agricultural products processing enterprises for research and experimental base,Study on agricultural science and technology projects,Agricultural technology、Management personnel training、Agriculture products、Processing and sales business。The company organizations and agencies,Also with the development of the business to get integrated and perfect constantly,The company set up the board of directors,The board of directors included,Chairman of the board of directors,Director,A director。By the board of directors, general manager of appointment and check,Department mainly includes the financial department,The Marketing Department,The sales department,Ministry of agriculture。

    The finance department has three,The financial division is mainly responsible for the company、Characteristic agriculture industrial park、Cooperative、The family farm finance expenditure and cost accounting work;Grain storage management office is mainly responsible for the preparationFood storage bankProject work;Mainly responsible for investment promotion and capital introductionHu town, suntory characteristic agriculture industrial parkProjects such as investment promotion and capital introduction work。Marketing Department has three,Market development is mainly responsible for agricultural science and technology“Research、Production、Pin”The integration of the Internet platform development work,Development work with scientific research institutions,Relying on the puyang LiangMao association,A strategic decision of the market to open up the plan of each year;The place of business is mainly responsible for market management integrity grain supply center and cooperative cold storage warehouse daily work;Sightseeing agriculture is mainly responsible for business“Sightseeing leisure agriculture demonstration area”The operation of the rural tourism rural work。Agricultural science and technology has two,Agriculture and technology is mainly responsible for“Suntory LiangMao company training base”The daily work,Relying on the scientific research institutes、Colleges and universities as the cooperative research unit,With characteristic agriculture industrial park、Farmers cooperatives and the family farm and agricultural products processing enterprises for research and experimental base,Study on agricultural science and technology projects,Agricultural technology、Management personnel training and promotion and agriculture products production and processing technology“The cooperative cold storage”Refrigeration technology research work;Agricultural products supply to produce high quality wheat was responsible for modern agriculture demonstration garden、Modern facilities demonstration garden and pollution-free fruits and vegetables production oil crops peanut production demonstration garden of agricultural products to grow the business,As well as the modern commercial logistics and agricultural products deep processing business security work。The sales department has six,Network marketing information division, which make use of modern Internet technology,Carried out“The Internet+Retail+Financial+Tourism”Marketing model,With the help of suntory LiangMao company mall( agricultural science and technology“Research、Production、Pin”Internet project integration platform for the company's products sales promotion and is in charge of provincial offices and sales channels to establish,As well“Food storage bank”The project And“Sightseeing leisure agriculture demonstration area”Rural tourism propaganda work of the project,Branding road on catalysis of China's agricultural industry chain gradually。Wheat and maize Buying and selling处 is mainly responsible for wheat、Corn marketing work;Mainly responsible for flour flour and bran supply and marketing、Bran marketing work;Oil-bearing crops supply and marketing office is mainly responsible for soybean and peanut oil crops, such as marketing work;Mainly responsible for rice grains supply and marketing、Sorghum、Black rice、Red bean、Black beans、Peas、Rice with beans、Gold beans、The red circle, such as grain supply and marketing work;Fruits and vegetables supply and marketing office is mainly responsible for cooperatives and family farm marketing of fruits and vegetables。

    Companies adhering to the good faith for this、Excellent quality business philosophy,In order to make the company keep competitive in the fierce market competition,Implement company quickly、Steady development,We sincerely invite a sense of responsibility,The pioneering heart the lofty ideals of cooperation,Together to create beautiful future of the company。

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